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ROTTR using build 610.1

In patch #2 for ROTTR, you say "we made a Beta available on Steam, Build 610.1, that can be used to switch back to the previous version".

How do I do that?

Posted by gumbeto on 13 February 2016
Steam forum - Thief
Any chance you saw the Thief forum post about my guide being pulled. Sorry for posting this on your website but I'm really at a loss for how else to effect action on this issue, and there doesn't appear to be any obvious person or entity to contact about this.

Thanks in advance :)
Posted by dimmu1313 on 23 March 2015
Life is Strange
Good day! Really waiting for workable version of Life is Strange to happen. Is there any thread to help developers to fix this bug? I don't think there is something critical, because even games in early access are woking on both of my machines

windows 8 64x russian language.

Posted by Evgeny on 10 February 2015
Hi there

We're in final testing of a fix we hope for the issue you having.. As soon as ready it will be pushed to you
Posted by Jason Walker on 10 February 2015
Hooray, it's working! Thanks!
Posted by Evgeny on 11 February 2015
Final Fantasy 7 Music Publishing
Hi Jay,

I found you through a string of different leads that were connected to the company SQUARE ENIX which helped publish final fantasy 7 back in 1997.

I'm writing on behalf of 'Real Junk Food Recordings' who are releasing a collaborative album which will be donating all of its earnings to The Real Junk Food Project (Leeds). One artist wants to play Jenova Absolute from Final Fantasy 7. This is a long shot, but could you help me get in contact with the appropriate publisher that can license out the track?

Please check out our campaign
The Real Junk Food Project

Real Junk Food Recordings

The release date is the 15th of December 2014 so hopefully hear from you soon!

Posted by Lorentz Bloom on 09 December 2014
FF Steam Hubs
Hey Jason!

I've seen you posting on the steam forums & in return sent you a friend invite. Wade through that que and accept me :)

I am a huge fan of Square of course but also am a 3rd party moderator for the Capcom Dead Rising hubs in Steam. I would be happy to help out anyway I can around the Final Fantasy Steam hubs or elsewhere. It certainly looks like help is needed in maintaining the community & providing the news that's desired. Hope to hear from you in the future!
Posted by Mikfail on 09 October 2014
Just remembered you!
Posted on 26 August 2012
Just bumped into your website again
Posted on 08 September 2011
Posted on 04 May 2011
ShellShock Nam`67
Posted on 23 December 2010
ShellShock Nam`67
Posted on 23 December 2010
Leave a hello
Posted on 09 November 2010
Grand Theft Tomb Raider...
Posted on 20 September 2010
Posted on 30 April 2010
Posted on 21 April 2010
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