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David George Walker - What more can i say other then I am very similar to him, we have similar humour and `charm` - cheers dad! ;o) He's slowing learning the ways of the internet, just dont ever count on seeing a web page created BY him.. He is back home (my home that is) in Scarborough, and is still engaged to the ever suffering Julie (bless her). :)


Mike Neil Walker - He's still older then me, owns a villa in florida, and drives an McLaren SLS (slight upgrade from his previous cars) is still based in Northampton area, which means he is sorta mid way between me and dad - Normal meeting place for the Walker clan. He is married to the lovely Edyta and has 2 kids, Josh and Jess :) 


A genuine Lara Croft in my life :) who woulda thought could land find such a perfect girl on an island near to me. We've been together since Feb 2009 and shes even put up with living with me for nearly 4 years :) She works in Kensington. Truly love her to pieces, so much so that she accepted my proposal and we're planning to be married in Florence in 2015 :D

Peachy (the cat)

RIP - Didn't make it into 2002, but had lived for 18 years before, so had a good innings. She was literally the `God-mother` of  the cat world - no cats ever dared cross her no matter where she lived (and she lived in a lot of places - with my dad up north, me in my flat in leamington, and then with my brother in northampton) She'll be greatly missed *sniff*


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